92 Channel Vintage SUMMING AMP + TT-Phone PB !

72 stereo channels * 30 mono channels * power supply
This is a 92 channel summing amp based on a Vintage summing amp module fom the german manufacturer Lawo.
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $999.00
Hersteller: LAWO

This company built super high quality products for broadcast applications and those are very similar to Neumann units.
The I/O`s are wired directly to a Switchcraft TT-Phone patchbay.

Just screw it, plug in the power supply and it`s ready to work

You have 36 stereo (72 x mono) inputs. The left channel goes to the left master and the right one to the right master. Then there are 30 mono inputs. They are wired to left & right master. The last 4 TT connectors are for 2 stereo outs.
If you are working with a TT-Phone patchbay anyway you will save a lot money with using this unit.

The Lawo V975 (DV975-4) has amazing specs and sounds great. It mainly uses a circuit with analog SMD parts. The summing amp is adjustable from -5dB to +15dB gain.

This unit comes with an external power supply (100 - 240V)