Neumann 24 Channel Vintage Mixer

24 channel summing amp - XLR in & outs GAIN / MUTE / PAN / MASTER VOL / BUSS IN, external power supply.
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $1,999.00
Hersteller: Neumann

This is a custom made Velvet Audio SA-24 Vintage line mixer. It is based on a Neumann dual summing amp with floating balanced inputs & outputs. The level and pan controls are realized by a passive circuit so the Neumann Vintage sound is not altered by modern electronics.The sound is very natural but also warm and full which is probably caused by the high quality Haufe transformers.

The gain controls are working as a pad. The master volumen enables a maximum gain of +10dB. Pan pots have a center click and each channel can be muted.

An additional feature is a stereo buss input. You can cascade up 4 units with it to reach a total of 96 channels while only the master unit includes the Neumann board. The slave units will be cheaper. Feel free to ask if you are interested in a 48, 72 or 96 channel solution.

The SA-24 is running with an external power supply. It works from 100V to 240V main voltage.

This unit can be used for analog summing / mixing or just to give signals a warm analog color.

The SA-24 is not in stock. It will be manufactured if it is sold. The production time is about 2 weeks.

You can choose between different designs. If you like the additional Direct Out option you have to add USD 200.