TAB V72a Micpre

TAB V72a Tube Micpre, 32-40 dB gain, V72 follower
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $1,399.00
Hersteller: TAB

This is a sixties tube microphone preamp from the german company TAB which also built the V76 V76m V76s U73 and U73b.

The V72a is the advanced model of the V72 as it has a maximum gain of 40 dB (V72 has 34 dB) and the maximum output level is +22 dBU (V72 only +16 dBU).

The production of the universal amp V72 started in 1952 and it was followed by the V76 in 1960. From that time on the V72 was less used as micpre and the broadcast companies requested  a better over-modulation-stabilized buffer amp than this one. So the V72a was released in 1964.

But this all does not mean that the V72a would just be a buffer amp which is sometimes readable in the net. The V72a is a great micpre too.

The condition of this module is very good and it was recently serviced. It is working perfectly inside the specs and sounds great.

Feel free to ask for a plug and play kit, 19" rack or lunchbox. Also a second unit is available.