Lawo 8 Channel Micpre Rack

Vintage 8 channel micpre unit. 44dB adjustable gain, phantom power
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $1,699.00
Hersteller: LAWO

This custom made 8 channel micpre rack includes 8 pieces of super high quality modules from the german manufacturer Lawo. Those modules are from the same quality as Neumann or Telefunken units from that era.

The V970 was designed as universal amp. Mostly used as line amp is it changeable into a great micpre with a certain external wiring which was done here.

The maximum gain is 44 dB and there is a gain switch with 5 dB steps as also a pot for fine adjustments.

Input and Output are floating transformer balanced.
The rack includes a power supply which will be set to 110V-127V or 220V-240V as also a phantom power supply switchable for each channel.

The sound of the modules is comparable with Neumann V476 Filtek MV1 or Telefunken / ANT V676b /c

The unit was recently checked and is in best working condition.

The photos are samples as there are more pieces available.