Matched Pair Siemens Sitral Micpres 60`s DISCRETE 55dB

High Quality Transformers * from W295 V276 series *
The V270 is the direct follower of the legendary V70 tube amp which is from the same series as V72 & V76. Normally it has a maximum gain of about 30dB...
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $699.00
Hersteller: SIEMENS

Originally it was designed as a line amp but after a slight modification the frequency response is very good it works perfectly as a micpre too. It has a maximum gain of 55dB now ! You can control the gain with a pot on the front panel.

The circuit is completely discrete and the unit uses super high quality transformers.

These modules were checked by a technician. They work perfectly and they sound great. It is very close to a V272 or V276 .Feel free to ask for a matching plug & play adaptor, rack or power supply.