Tuchel T2008 8pin Connector for Maihak Eckmiller modules

T2008 8pin Connector for EAB Maihak Eckmiller modules
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $65.00
Hersteller: Tuchel

The Tuchel T2708 8pin Connector is needed for the following modules:

EAB W66 V54 V54ST

Maihak BW-44 M49 V41 V41a V41b V42 V43 V44 V45 W45 W66c W66d

Eckmiller HS10 TS10 HV53 HV55 W60 W63 W68 W85 W86 W88 PF5/7 PR2a ,b

Telefunken   W66a


The offered connector is used but in good condition. The photos are samples.