Tuchel T2701 23pin Connector for Telefunken BFE Neumann modules

T2701 23pin Connector for Telefunken Neumann BFE modules
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $45.00
Hersteller: Tuchel

The Tuchel T2701 23pin Connector is needed for the following modules:

Siemens   W290, W291

TAB   W95c W390 W390a W393 W394 W395

Neumann   U472 U472-2 U475 W491 W492 W495 W495STB W444 W444a W444b W444STA W444STB

Telefunken   W690 W690ST-D W695 W695a

BFE Filtek   BKE1 BKE3 BKE4 MK2 MK3 MK3a MK3c MK3d MV1

It looks similar to the 13pin connectors but is larger.

The offered connector is used but in good condition. The photos are samples.