AKG Telefunken D19C

This is a very rare microphone from manufacturer AKG which produced for Telefunken. It`s from the early sixties (probably 1965). The name of the model is D19C which is the professional version besides the D19B D19B200 D19 BK / HI and D19e and its well known from the Beatles Jimi Hendrix and other famous artists from the sixties.
01-1-06-0001 AKG Telefunken D19C
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $699.00
Hersteller: AKG

The sound of the mic is absolutely great !

Some technical facts:

Frequency response 30-16.000 Hz.
With a control knob you can change between "music and speech" (adjustable bass roll-off / lowcut filter).

Bass attenuation switch:  0 -  -10dB / 50 Hz

Directional characteristic: cardioid

Impedance: 200 ohms

Sensitivity, unload:  0,18 mV / qbar