Semrau EB068 8 Channel Mixer

Semrau EB068 8 Channel Mixer, 8 micpres, 8 EQ`s
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $1,499.00
Hersteller: Semrau

The german company Semrau manufactured high quality mixers for broadcast studio from the 70´s to the early 90`s. They used best components such as Haufe transformers and so the new price of this mixer was DM 22.000,- (Euro 11.000,-) at about 1990.

The mixer was recently serviced and sounds very good. It can be used as 8 channel micpre with EQ and therefore a direct out option would make sense. This can be modified on demand. Otherwise you can use it as 8 channel summing amp. The master includes a very good limiter. Feel free to ask for more details.