Matched Pair Filtek BFE Limiters SB3

Matched pair of broadcast limiters, Haufe transformers
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $599.00
Hersteller: BFE / Filtek

This matched pair of early 80`s broadcast limiters was produced by the german manufacturer BFE which is related to the swiss company Filtek. They made super high quality equipment for broadcast applications. This pair of SB3 limters uses Haufe transformers so in & outs are floating balanced. The nominal level is +6dB. If the input level is higher tahn +6dBU it will be cutted very softly (soft knee). Actually the limiting is not hearable which was a request from the german broadcast industy as they were used in the master of broadcast studios, Needless to say that only super high quality components were used. The modules come with connectors and pinouts.