Telefunken ELA 150a Passive EQ

Passive stereo EQ, bass at 60Hz, trebles at 10KHz
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $499.00
Hersteller: Telefunken

The Ela 150a is a passive stereo filter unit from the sixties / early seventies. It sounds completely different from newer active EQ`s and mostly it is describes as more musically.

The bass pot works at 60 Hz (-15 to +15 dB) and the trbles at 10 KHz (-15 to +15 dB). Passive EQ`s have a damping so you have to use a preamp for makeup gain. In this case it is 34 dB and mostly this unit was used with V72 (34 dB) or V72a (32 -40 dB) preamps.

The input impedance is 350 Ohms, output impedance 600 Ohms. The needed connector is a Tuchel T2701.