Velvet Audio Vintage Bass Preamp MA-1

Velvet Audio Bass Preamp including Vintage module with Transformers. A lot of options and sound characters.
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $799.00
Hersteller: Velvet Audio

The MA-1 is the prototype of the Velvet Audio MA bass preamp series. In general it is an active DI-box with a lot of features. It is based on a german Vintage preamp module from Lawo. This company manfactures super high quality products for the german broadcast industry. This particular module is from the end seventies/early eighties and provides a high input impedance which is perfect for instruments like electric guitar and bass.

In addition the MA-1 includes a passive filter section which was developed by Velvet Audio. Passive filters were mainly used in the fifties and sixties and are characterized by a very musically performence. The components are transformers / chokes and capicitors and in addition with the Haufe/Pikatron transformer from the Lawo amp the sound is rich, warm and concrete.

The unit was designed by request of the american bass player and singer Mikel Allen. Velvet Audio produced a small batch series under the name: Mikel Allen Signature Series and so Mikel is the first endorser for the Velvet Audio instrument preamp Series.

The idea of the MA-1 is the sound creation and that`s the right understanding of the most important contour option. With this switch you have 3 different sound characters and with the boost pot the intensity is adjustable. In combination with bass and treble adjustments the preamp is unbelievable versatile.

The bass pot is working on a deep frequency which enables you to modify the performance of a small combo amp in the direction of a SVT sound. The trebles are located deep too and the interesting thing is that even if you adjusted a hi cut the instrument sounds concrete and not a bit muffled or airless.

The pre has two outputs for leading into a bass amp / power amp and a PA system at the same time. The power supply is external and works from 100V to 240V main voltage.

A demo video is in preperation and will be briefly released on this site.