Siemens H71 Oszillator V72 Series

1 KHz oszillator from V72 / V76 series
23-0-02-0053 Siemens H71 Oszillator V72 Series
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $349.00
Hersteller: SIEMENS

The H71 was released by Siemens in 1958. It is a 1 kHz oszillator used in Siemens and Telefunken mixers in the late 50`s to the mid 60`s. It has an adjustable output from 0 dB to +12 dB as also a fixed -9 dB ouput.

At that time it was the ultimate measuring tool used with the best german technology of all time - the V72 V76 and U73 / U73b.

The unit is in excellent condition and works properly.