NTP Stereo Compatibility Meter NTP177-590

Netto-Verkaufspreis: $299.00
Hersteller: NTP


Easy-to-read stereo-to-mono compatibility meter (phase meter).
Display range: 0° to 180°.
Display resolution: 18°.
Very compact design, requiring only 25 x 77 mm panel cut-out.
High impedance transformer balanced inputs.
Light intensity adjustable in the front panel.


The NTP 177-590 measures the phase relationship of the two input signals, e.g. the left and right channels in a stereo signal. The result is displayedby means of a flying spot on an easyto-read scale from +1 to -1 (equivalent to 0° and 180° phase difference, respectively).

The scale includes 6 yellow LEDs in the compatible range and 5 red LEDs below „0“. The reading at centre scale, designated „0“, is obtained for either random phase, 90° phase difference, or if the signal level on one or both inputs is below -21 dBm. The NTP 177-590 is adequate to assure stereo to mono compatibility of most programme sources.

The module is working properly.

Feel free to ask for plug & play adaptor, power supply or rack/lunchbox.