Neumann N451 Phantom Power Supply

for U87 U89 LM103 KM84 KM83 KM184 KM183
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $299.00
Hersteller: Neumann

The N451 power supply was designed for the FET series microphones like U87 U89 KM84 and many others. Actually it is usable for nearly all Neumann Schoeps AKG Beyerdynamic Telefunken and Sennheiser mics which need phantom power.

This unit was recently serviced and modified with decouple capicitors which are very useful if you have a micpre without input transformer because it filters the DC voltage out of the signal. The capicitor is switchable so that you are enabled to use the supply in original condition too.


Feel free to ask for the stereo power supply N452 which is available too.