Neumann V470 Dual Preamp in Lunchbox * V70 follower* Micpre with 38dB gain

The V470-2 is is a super high quality dual preamp from the german manufacturer Neumann. It is the solid state successor of the legendary V70 tube preamp, which is from the well known V72 V76 and U73 series.
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $699.00
Hersteller: Neumann

The module was wired for the use as micpre and built into a Hammond lunchbox. The maximum gain is 38dB and there is a switchable phantom power for both channels.

The unit comes with an external power supply 115/230/240V. The inputs and outputs are floating balanced (Haufe transformers) and the frequency response is linear.

This unit sounds absolutely great !