BFE Filtek Vintage Transienten Limiter TL-1

The TL-1 is a two channel / stereo "Transienten Limiter" perfect for analog mastering
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $1,199.00
Hersteller: BFE / Filtek

The TL-1 is a super high quality product manufactured by the german company BFE which is related to Filtek. The unit was designed for broadcast studios as the master limiter just before going on air. Needless to say that the broadcast companies were asking for the very best technology.

The TL-1 is a two channel / stereo "Transienten Limiter" like the legendary EMT 266 (follower of the EMT 166). It is the perfect tool for analog mastering. You won`t hear the unit working it just takes the peaks out of the signal so that you can arise the volume.

The unit was tested and works perfectly.