4 x Telefunken ELA AUX Modules

These units come from a Telefunken mixer. They include the controls for the 6 AUX outputs of the mixer. These are a stereo one for reverb (Hall) and 4 for FX or monitor. Each out has a pot for pots and switches are super high quality stuff of course.
Netto-Verkaufspreis: $399.00
Hersteller: Telefunken

The dimensions of each unit are A1 which means the front has 190 mm x 40 mm. Other A1 modules are Filtek MK3 BKE3 Neumann U473 Telefunken W696b and nearly all german Vintage fader modules as well as all Eckmiller products.
The colors of the knobs might differ as I have some more of these for sale.